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You are stuck in an AI system that considers you just another algorithm attempting to solve a maze problem. The AI uses process of elimination to remove all poor algorithms and construct new ones, and it will keep going until you can solve all the mazes. Your future is in danger! Solve as many mazes as possible to avoid removal from the list and subsequent garbage collection!


  • Traverse mindbending mazes that will challenge your sense of place
  • Explore a variety of rooms with a variety of minipuzzles - learn them all so you can complete them quickly without becoming disoriented
  • Carry a bomb to the breaking point quickly to blow your way out of the mazes before it blows up on its own! Understand the layout, remember special rooms!
  • Try a maze as many times as you like
  • Explore an infinite number of mazes!


Mazingo.zip 48 MB

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